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1 duo for $ 15.96 ea.    2 Duos for $ 13,98 ea.    3 Duos for $ 11,98 ea.   With the purchase of 10 Duos, get the others for $ 10,98 ea.

Duo Keylost / Keylost

key_lost_keylost_quebec_livraison_rapide-12im_lost_imlost_medaillon_chien_quebec_livraison_rapide-2Duo Keylost / KeylostDuo Keylost / Keylost
$16.98 USD each
$14.96 USD per unit for buying at least 2
$12.98 USD per unit for buying at least 3

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In order not to lose anything

Keylost is a key made of carbon fiber that can be attached to your key ring, which allows you to be contacted quickly by the person who finds it... wherever you are! If you lose your keys, your cell phone number is engraved on your Keylost, which allows the person who found them to call you right away.

Why a Keylost?

To have peace of mind in case you lose your keys and avoid the associated costs and complications: towing charges, remote starter replacement fee (which is a few hundred dollars) waiting, and a considerable amount of wasted time.

Size :

thickness x width x height

Centimeters : 0.30 x 3.04 x 6.50
Inches : 0.125 x 1.198 x 2.560

Product Features :

  • Nylon reinforced with carbon fiber 
  • High impact resistance  
  • Corrosion proofs 

The benefits of Lost products


No batteries




No annual or hidden fees




No wifi needed



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