Who are Lost products for?

For anyone who has something they do not want to lose! Because if you lose your things and someone finds them, getting them back is just a phone call away. Whether it is a personal key, a building key, a business key, a vehicle key, a remote car starter, or a pet, Keylost and I'm Lost products allow the person who has found what you have lost to contact you immediately.

key lost

Find your keys !

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im lost

Find your pet !

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How does it work? It is (very) simple!

It is as simple as dialing the cell phone number on your Lost product!

No need for a programmable electronic chip, the internet, paying annual fees, waiting for the mail to return the keys to a postal address or for your pet to find its way back to you. It only takes a phone call from the person who has found what you have lost.

Lost products are a very affordable solution and will be delivered to you after just a few clicks!

How to proceed? 

Choose your Lost product

Register your cell phone number

Receive your Keylost or I'm Lost product by mail

Put your mind at ease

The benefits of Lost products


No batteries




No annual or hidden fees




No wifi needed



Looking for an original, practical and durable product to sell for your next fundraising campaign?

Step outside and get the Keylost and I'm Lost!

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